Nov 27 2009

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Just a little history about how I got interested in Model Railroading:

I first became interested in model railroading when I was about 5years old. I was visiting my cousin and he had just got a brand new Lionel train set. We must have played with it for hours and when it was time to go home he gave me one of the cars a bright silver tank car. From that day forward I was hooked.

Though for many years that one tank car was my only train car. My family never had a lot of money so a train set was a luxury. Then one year when I was about 13 my dad recived a large box of trains for doing a job for a friend. My father gave the trains to my brother and I for Christmas that year. There where more trains then I had ever seen before. There was two types of trains some Lionel O27 and a smaller size, which I never knew what it was maybe S scale or early HO scale. My brother and I promptly divided up the Lionel. As for the smaller trains we just left them in the box. All my brother and I knew was they would not run. We had no knowledge of AC verses DC.

Note: I have never really made an effort to find out what the smaller scale was but recently I saw some track that matched the track that came with the smaller trains at a local hobby store. The salesman told me that it was American Flyer. So I now know that it was S scale.

Well we must have played with those trains for months. Then as usual at 13 a boys interests change from toys to cars and then to girls. And the loved trains were put back in the box.

Sadly after a few moves, and a brief time in storage the next time I saw the trains I was 19 and there were only a handful left which my younger brother had claimed. Including my prized tank car, the one my cousin had given me many years earlier. Still at that time I was not ready to get back into playing with trains. I had a job, car payments, rent, you know…life. Besides it was the middle of the 70ies and again my interests had changed to HI-FI. I wanted the latest greatest stereo not trains.

Well I soon got married and we had two sons and I felt it was time to show my boys the fun of model railroading. As it turned out it was a good time to return to the hobby. HO was strong and the prices were still low. In hindsight it was also a good thing that I lost my old Lionel O27 trains because it gave me the opportunity to start over with HO. Yet I would be a much richer man if only I still had that big box of trains. Well no since dwelling in the past.

I began collecting a few pieces It was tough raising a family and developing a hobby at the same time so at first we would just use the trains around the Christmas tree well throughout all the bumps in life I keep my love of trains alive. I now have acquired a fairly large collection of trains

I have four boys and a daughter now and while my boys are young men and my daughter is a young woman only one of them still plays with trains his interest is in L-Gage (for those who are Lego challenged “L-Gage” is the unofficial scale for Lego Trains). When he was little I made the mistake of buying him a few Lego sets he is addicted now. Yet not is all lost with the others, two of them now have kids of their own and I have already started my grand-kids on Model Railroading.

So now that the kids are all grown up I now can considerate on model railroading full time I have joined a local club. And now I have truly returned to my one true interest Model Railroading.

Other things helped my interest in Model Railroading along the way in life. My grandfather worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad most of his life. As did my father at one time but I don’t recall when it may have been, it was while I was very young. He did not work there long. My grandfather never collected Model trains but he did have a few pieces of memorabilia. My favorite was this lamp of a steam locomotive that rotated and it looked as if the wheels were turning and smoke was coming out of the stack. I loved this lamp I used to watch it for hours. Well when I was little it felt like hours. I thank the best thing my grandfather did to spark my interest in railroading was he and my grandmother took me on a ride from Los Angeles CA to Portland OR to visit my cousins. I spent the entire trip looking out the back of the train watching the scenery fade away and lessening to the clickide-clack of the wheels on the rail. While I have only ridden on trains three times here in America. “Something I need to remedy.” I also spend two weeks riding the rails all over southern Europe with my wife. Yet it was the very first trip with my grandparents that will forever be my favorite.

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