Feb 28 2010

Talviste Canyon, Est. 1804

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These web pages are of the history and evolution of my first road ready HO scale module it is an inside-corner unit. The goal was to allow the club I had belonged too, to assemble an L shape display (see display2 on the drawings page) instead of the standard rectangle (see display 1 on the drawings page).

So why Talviste Canyon? Well as you will discover when you read the official road side historical marker on the Historical Marker page. Mike Talviste was of great help with the making and installation of the Geo-Foam product that I used in forming the mountains and the canyon walls. And my canyon module needed a name. Mike gave up a number of evenings of his time plus the use of his rock molds. Without his help what I would have ended up with, would be just blocks of Styrofoam covered with grass turf or worse Plaster or Hydrocal. Then the module would be so heavy that it would take two men and a boy to lift it.

Thanks Mike for all your help.

Please enjoy the various pages on this site.

  • The First section – Main Pages contains

These images show the conceptual look of the module. Many changes where made as I began building the module.

Thank you for visiting Talviste Canyon, Dave VinZant

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