Nov 28 2009


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My 7 SD70mac’s.

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Origionaly I had the thought that just like the pro-type railroad I would be shedding (boxing away) most of the smaller Motive Powers the GP9’s and GP40’s as soon as they are replaced with new SD70mac’s and I would keep the two GP38 because they are DCC ready. (The F7’s have been replaced with a new Athearn F7 A-B set.) Yet at a past show I had a chance to run my one of my Athearn SD70Mac #4011. I also ran a Kato mac and an Atlas GP38 unit. But because I used to belong to a modular club and there where modules of varying wear and age none of the larger units would make a complete circuit around the display successfully. Well it’s a good thing I bring all of my motive power because the only units that could get the job done where the GP9’s. So I guess I won’t be shedding the 9’s any time soon. Besides a good railroad needs a good mix of motive power.

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